Was there electoral fraud and manipulation in the USA?

Sunday, 06. December 2020

– Important decisions in Great Britain and the USA before the end of this year –

On 14 December 2020, the electoral college in the USA will choose the new president. Here Joe Biden is so far in the clear lead with 306 electoral votes compared to Donald Trump with 232 electoral votes. Trump and his lawyers still believe they can turn the tide and win the election. It may well be that Trump’s lawyers will still appeal to the Supreme Court if they get nowhere in the local courts with the evidence they have presented so far. Trump’s lawyers believe in a cyber war and manipulation of the election servers by China and Iran, but this will be difficult to prove.

What Democrats accused him of from the Russian side 4 years ago, Tramp is now accusing China of. If Biden is elected president on 14 December, mass demonstrations for Trump and violent clashes in the streets are imminent, as Trump’s supporters believe Trump’s story. The Western media have so far not sufficiently clarified what evidence is available and what is being played out in the background. It is also very much about power in the US. And it is about China’s influence on the election and after the election.

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