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Insider reveals: What’s really going on in Russia?
Monday – 5.February 2024
Eastern Europe expert Männicke: “Russia cannot be defeated”.
Sunday – 8.October 2023
LIVE CALL Stock market: East shares facing mega boom? (Sat.14:30)
Saturday – 7.October 2023
The Shocking Truth About The Banking Crisis Everyone Needs To Know – What Really Happened?
Thursday – 28.September 2023
East shares: New opportunities! Andreas Männicke as a guest in the MM Club
Monday – 26.June 2023
Insider reveals: What’s really going on in Russia?
Monday – 26.June 2023
“The Ukrainian Stock Market Is Promising in the Long Term!” | Capital-Manager Financial Regulars’ Table
Monday – 27.March 2023
EXCLUSIVE Thomas Mayer, Ex-Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank | Capital-Manager. com Finance Regulars’ Table
Monday – 20.March 2023
Eastern Europe – Expert Männicke: “The geopolitical situation worries me – my advice is to rather go into liquidity”.
Friday – 3.March 2023
“FTX Is A Gigantic Fraud!” (Part 1) Capital Manager. com Finance Regulars’ Table
Monday – 23.January 2023
“The Real Estate Market Is Dead!” | Finance Regulars’ Table
Friday – 25.November 2022
Eastern Europe expert Andreas Männicke: “Small and intimate: Warsaw and the Balkans” – Alternatives to the Moscow Stock Exchange
Friday – 18.November 2022
Inflation/recession: How do I hedge my portfolio? Financial Roundtable
Friday – 11.November 2022
How likely is World War 3?
Wednesday – 26.October 2022
Russia World Economy Recession
Wednesday – 26.October 2022
Eastern Europe expert Männicke: Russia can hold out for a long time.
Monday – 10.October 2022
Russia and the financial world – Special
Saturday – 3.September 2022
The world is undergoing a huge upheaval
Tuesday – 23.August 2022
Eastern Europe expert Männicke after Putin’s parade: “I wouldn’t do anything about Eastern Europe, but I have a lot on my watch list”.
Tuesday – 10.May 2022
Is Russia threatened with national bankruptcy?
Thursday – 17.March 2022
World War 3 next week?
Sunday – 27.February 2022
Eastern Europe expert Andreas Männicke: Stay away from Russia shares at the moment
Wednesday – 23.February 2022
Eastern Europe Politics Markets Shares with Andreas Männicke and Andreas Karger in conversation
Thursday – 20.January 2022
Andreas Männicke as a guest at the Sunday Talk on Russia and the World
Tuesday – 21.December 2021
Rainer Hahn in conversation with Andreas Männicke about: Russia and Cyber Polygon – Investment Strategy.
Monday – 25.October 2021
Eastern Europe expert Andreas Männicke: Russia the big winner in oil and gas prices?
Tuesday – 19.October 2021
Geopolitics, commodity prices, central banks – this is how the stock markets in Eastern Europe are doing
Monday – 2.August 2021
Eastern exchanges benefit from commodity price rise, but FinTech is also doing well – what are the favourites?
Wednesday – 19.May 2021
Where are the commodity markets heading? What’s next?
Saturday – 17.April 2021
Eastern Europe expert Andreas Männicke: interesting stocks from Poland, insider tip Uzbekistan
Monday – 28.September 2020
Russia for the first time with more revenue from gold exports than from gas exports – gold shares “take partial profits”
Friday – 7.August 2020
Eastern Europe after Corona crash – Andreas Männicke: “not all cash reinvested yet, but bought in selected stocks”.
Tuesday – 9.June 2020
Expert Männicke: “Exceptionally high dividend yields in Russia! Global economy must get going, system crash looms”.
Thursday – 16.April 2020
Gold price, oil price, shares: The effect of the coronavirus on Eastern European stock markets and Russia
Wednesday – 19.February 2020
Financial markets under the spell of the coronavirus
Saturday – 1.February 2020
Why Russia Swims In Money And How You Can Profit From It // Andreas Männicke At BigEye
Monday – 20.January 2020
Eastern Europe Update: Russia after OPEC meeting and before “Normandy format” – who were the Eastern Europe top performers in 2019?
Monday – 9.December 2019
What role can commodities play for investors in 2020?
Sunday – 8.December 2019
Russia and Eastern European equities: where is the potential?
Friday – 6.December 2019
How You Can Profit On The Moscow Stock Exchange // Andreas Männicke Exclusive Interview BigEye
Friday – 29.November 2019
Investing in Ukraine and Russia? Politically unsettled, but stock markets top performers
Monday – 7.October 2019
Top Performer Eastern Europe: Investment Opportunities in Russia and Ukraine
Tuesday – 30.July 2019
Männicke interviewed on NTV/Telebörse about commodities (oil, gold) and commodity shares
Saturday – 2.February 2019

ESTV Videos

ESTV 232 – Is the commodity super cycle coming?
Tuesday – 4.June 2024
ESTV 231 – Is there a new banking crisis in the USA?
Monday – 13.May 2024
ESTV 230 – Sell on May and go away?
Thursday – 2.May 2024
ESTV 229 – Iran attacks Israel: Is there now a threat of a conflagration or even a 3rd world war?
Monday – 15.April 2024
ESTV 228 – Never put all your eggs in one basket, but also in Eastern Europe.
Tuesday – 2.April 2024
ESTV 227 – The world’s stock markets are going crazy and Western politicians even more so
Monday – 11.March 2024
ESTV 226 – The threat of a third world war is increasing all the time
Tuesday – 5.March 2024
ESTV 225 – 2 years of war in Ukraine – what’s next?
Monday – 26.February 2024
ESTV 224 – Now the foolish times begin
Monday – 12.February 2024
ESTV 223 – First week in the red, whole year in the red!
Monday – 8.January 2024
ESTV 222 – Eastern Europe is simply the best!
Sunday – 31.December 2023
ESTV 221 – Eastern European stock markets are booming, but hardly anyone is involved
Sunday – 3.December 2023
ESTV 220 – Year-end rally despite the war in Israel and the Fed’s restrictive monetary policy?
Monday – 13.November 2023
ESTV 219 – Will the Isreal war be a “black swan” for the stock markets?
Monday – 23.October 2023
ESTV 218 – DAX & Co flop, but Eastern Europe tops
Monday – 2.October 2023
ESTV 217 – New extraordinary opportunities in Eastern Europe – even in Russia!
Sunday – 3.September 2023
ESTV 216 – What is the real situation in Russia?
Monday – 7.August 2023
ESTV 215 – New “BRICS” currency to compete with the US dollar
Monday – 24.July 2023
ESTV 214 – NATO Summit in Vilnius: Preparation for World War 3?
Monday – 10.July 2023
ESTV 213 – Failed military coup attempt in Russia by the Wagner Group – and now?
Monday – 26.June 2023
ESTV 212 – Something is in the air
Monday – 12.June 2023
ESTV 211 – US banks and US government under stress – and now?
Monday – 15.May 2023
ESTV 210 – The dangerous balancing act of the central banks
Tuesday – 9.May 2023
ESTV 209 – What to do now with the Russian ADR, Part 3
Wednesday – 12.April 2023
ESTV 208 – Is a real estate crisis coming after the banking crisis?
Tuesday – 21.March 2023
ESTV 207 – Don’t miss the perfect moment!
Tuesday – 7.March 2023
ESTV 206 – “Do you want total war?”
Monday – 27.February 2023
ESTV 205 – The early bird catches the warm
Monday – 6.February 2023
ESTV 204 – Very good stock market start gives hope for more
Thursday – 12.January 2023
ESTV 203 – Invest now like Andre Kostolany
Tuesday – 13.December 2022
ESTV 202 – Peak inflation = year-end rally!?
Monday – 14.November 2022
ESTV 201 – What to do now with the Russian ADR? Part 3
Monday – 17.October 2022
ESTV 200 – New opportunities in Eastern Europe despite mega-crises
Friday – 7.October 2022
Porsche IPO in a very unfavourable environment
Monday – 26.September 2022
ESTV 198 – What to do now with the Russian ADR?
Monday – 12.September 2022
ESTV 197 – What to do now with the Russian ADR/GDR?
Wednesday – 17.August 2022
ESTV 196 – How meaningful and effective are the sanctions against Russia really?
Thursday – 7.July 2022
ESTV 195 – On the rocky and bloody road to a new world order – only which one?
Monday – 11.April 2022
ESTV 194 – Will a Ukraine war now turn into a 3rd world war?
Tuesday – 8.March 2022
ESTV 193 – USA and Russia on a dangerous course of confrontation
Wednesday – 19.January 2022
ESTV 192 – Is there a war in Ukraine or even a 3rd world war?
Thursday – 9.December 2021
ESTV 191 – Russian oil and gas stocks are booming, but for how long?
Monday – 18.October 2021
ESTV 190 – Spoilt for choice, even with shares
Monday – 4.October 2021
ESTV 189 – The Eastern European stock markets are booming, but hardly anyone is there.
Monday – 16.August 2021
ESTV 188 – The ruble is rolling again – but for how much longer?
Thursday – 8.July 2021
ESTV 187 – Biden versus Putin – and the winner is…?
Sunday – 20.June 2021
ESTV 186 – When will the “Great Reset” come and what will happen then?
Sunday – 2.May 2021
ESTV 185 – Don’t put all the eggs in one basket, but also after Eastern Europe
Saturday – 3.April 2021
ESTV 184 – Go East: Outperformance opportunities on the Eastern European stock markets
Saturday – 6.February 2021
ESTV 183 – Was there electoral fraud and manipulation in the USA?
Sunday – 6.December 2020
ESTV 182 – Who will win the US election: Crazy Donald or sleepy Joe?
Monday – 2.November 2020
ESTV 181 – 30 years of German unity also means 30 years of Eastern Europe exchanges
Sunday – 4.October 2020
ESTV 180 – Are the golden times coming now?
Sunday – 2.August 2020
ESTV 179 – It’s five to twelve or is it already five past twelve?
Saturday – 2.May 2020
ESTV 178 – The situation is serious, very serious indeed – but also in the economy!
Sunday – 22.March 2020
ESTV 177 – Stock and oil crash on Black Monday: buy or sell now?
Tuesday – 10.March 2020
ESTV 176 – Is the Corona virus becoming the Black Swan or is it already?
Sunday – 1.March 2020
ESTV 175 – Is the coronavirus a danger for the stock market or even the world?
Sunday – 26.January 2020
ESTV 174 – Crash 2020 or how long will the bull market last?
Saturday – 28.December 2019
ESTV 173 – Russian “Red Chips” beat Western “Blue Chips” by far
Sunday – 17.November 2019
ESTV 172 – There is no end to the Brexit chaos – or is there?
Monday – 28.October 2019
ESTV 171 – Trump under enormous pressure – Wall Street soon too?
Sunday – 29.September 2019
ESTV 170 – The US/China trade war escalates – is a recession coming?
Sunday – 25.August 2019
ESTV 169 – Trump runs amok against China and sends world stock markets plummeting
Sunday – 4.August 2019

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We want to keep you informed about the new developments in Central and Eastern Europe so that you can base your investment decision on an up-to-date, broader and factually sound basis.

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Andreas Männicke studied business administration in Hamburg, graduating with a degree in business administration. After graduating, he was a research assistant at the University of Hamburg (Faculty of Business Administration) for four years. Since 1990 he was in charge of training securities experts and financial analysts in Central and Eastern Europe.