Was wir wollen

We want to keep you informed about the new developments in Central and Eastern Europe so that you can base your investment decision on an up-to-date, broader and factually sound basis.
We have therefore made it our mission:
  • Collect and analyse facts
  • prepare and systematise information
  • to recognise new developments, changes and trends in good time
  • to weigh up opportunities and risks in order to identify market opportunities
  • to make the companies in Eastern Europe more transparent
  • to point out new opportunities for contact, cooperation and participation

and ultimately to help you get started in the eastern stock exchange business with easy-to-understand information.


EST Market Letter

he stock exchanges of Central and Eastern Europe have been among the top performers among the world’s stock exchanges since 1998. In recent years in particular, many CEE stock exchanges have performed far better than the established Western stock exchanges. In 2019, for example, the Moscow Stock Exchange not only clearly outperformed the DAX and DJI, but also ranked among the 30 best-performing stock exchanges in the world.

Many investors have so far criminally neglected the CEE stock exchanges. Yet the selection of promising stocks is growing. Eastern Europe still has its future ahead of it.

Take advantage of your opportunities now!

  • analyses the most important trends on the CEE stock exchanges for you monthly on 30-60 pages.
  • looks not only at the established eastern stock exchanges, such as Moscow, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw, but also at the second-tier countries and the CIS republics
  • selects the most promising stocks for you from a fundamental and technical point of view and examines not only stocks but also other forms of investment such as funds, bonds, real estate, derivatives and certificates
  • draws attention to risks and distinguishes between conservative and speculative investment options.

The market letter “EAST STOCK TRENDS” is published monthly in a printed and electronic edition. The electronic edition is sent to you directly after the editorial deadline, which means it reaches you faster and is also more cost-effective.

The person

Andreas Männicke studied business administration in Hamburg, graduating with a degree in business administration. After graduating, he was a research assistant at the University of Hamburg (Faculty of Business Administration) for four years. Since 1990 he was in charge of training securities experts and financial analysts in Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1992 he wrote the book “Go East – Die Ostbörsen kommen” (A. Schmidt Verlag) in cooperation with his partner Olgierd Bagniewski. Since then he has published numerous articles on the development of the capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe as a freelance business journalist for VWD, magazines such as Wirtschaftswoche, Capital, Manager Magazin, DM Euro, Das Wertpapier, Der Aktionär, Börse online, Finanzen, Bankmagazin, Ost-West-Contact + Russland Aktuell, WiRo, Kapitalforum, Smart Investor, Derivate-Magazin and for stock exchange letters such as. EAST STOCK TRENDS, Platow-Ostinformationen, Öko-Invest as well as newspapers such as FAZ, Börsen-Zeitung, Börsen-Kurier, Die Welt, Welt am Sonntag, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), Finanz und Wirtschaft (Switzerland), Süddeutsche Zeitung, Prager Zeitung as well as detailed reports in compilations such as “Kapitalmärkte in Mittel- und Osteuropa” (FAZ-Infodienste), “Osteuropa-Perspektiven” (FAZ-Infodienste) and “Wegweiser für Kapitalanlagen 1996/1997” (Fortuna Finanz-Verlag).

In addition, as head of the East Stock Exchange Information Office in Hamburg, he was frequently available for interviews for Telebörse/n-tv, N24/Börsentalk, ARD Ratgeber Geld, 3SATBörse, Bloomberg TV and DAF (www.anleger-fernsehen.de) as well as for Deutsche Welle.

He was a founding member/advisor of the listed KREMLIN AG ( www.kremlin-ag.de. WKN 513350) and a founding/supervisory board member of Beteiligungen im Baltikum AG ( www.baltikum.de, WKN 520420 ). He was and is also a speaker at international investment congresses and special East Stock Exchange seminars as well as a lecturer at various universities in Germany and abroad. This year, as Managing Director of ESI East Stock Informationsdienste GmbH, he will prepare and publish further market analyses, write and publish a special East stock market letter (EAST STOCK TRENDS ), organise further seminars, prepare a new book on the East stock markets and inform investors and the media about current trends on the East markets.

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