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Eaststock TV

Saturday – 10 October 2022: Andreas Männicke as guest in the MM Club

East shares: New opportunities!

Cheap share bargains are tempting in Eastern Europe. An expert presents 7 promising stocks. Another topic: Russian shares? What to do? – And of course we talk about the general stock market situation, how will it continue? Is the worst over?

Special guest: Andreas Männicke, internationally renowned expert on Eastern Europe and editor-in-chief of “East Stock Trends”.

Monday – 15.May 2023
ESTV 211 – US banks and US government under stress – and now?

Thursday – 23 March 2023:

“The Ukrainian stock market is promising in the long term!” | Capital Manager Finance Regulars’ Table

Saturday – 03 October 2020:

Swen Lorenz interviewed by Andreas Männicke:
New opportunities in Poland


Stock market letter EAST STOCK TRENDS

The stock exchanges of Central and Eastern Europe have been the top performers among the world’s stock exchanges since 1998. In the last few years in particular, many CEE exchanges fared better than the established western exchanges. In 2019, the Moscow stock exchange was not only able to clearly outperform the DAX and DJI, but also ranked among the 30 best performing stock exchanges in the world.

Many investors have neglected the CEE stock exchanges so far. The selection of promising titles is growing steadily.

Eastern Europe still has its future ahead of it.

Seize your chance now!

  • analyses the most important trends on the CEE stock exchanges for you monthly on 30-60 pages.
  • looks not only at the established eastern stock exchanges, such as Moscow, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw, but also at the second-tier countries and the CIS republics
  • selects the most promising stocks for you from a fundamental and technical point of view and examines not only stocks but also other forms of investment such as funds, bonds, real estate, derivatives and certificates
  • draws attention to risks and distinguishes between conservative and speculative investment options.

The market letter "EAST STOCK TRENDS" is published monthly in a printed and electronic edition. The electronic edition is sent to you directly after the editorial deadline, which means it reaches you faster and is also more cost-effective.

Current column

Saturday, 13. May 2023
Die Notenbanken FED und EZB haben Anfang Mai erwartungsgemäß die Zinsen erneut um jeweils 0,25 Basispunkte erhöht und zwar in den USA auf 5 Prozent und in Europa um auf 3,75 Prozent. Die Inflationsraten sind immer noch jeweils zu hoch und gehen vor allem in Europa nur langsam zurück. In den USA sank die Inflationsrate im März um einen Prozentpunkt auf 5 Prozent, In der EU verharrten Sie im März aber auf 8,3 Prozent. Dabei haben die zentralosteuropäischen Länder wesentlich höhere Inflationsraten als der EU-Durchschnitt mit Ungarn an der Spitze von 25 Prozent.

Share(s) of the month:

Halyk Saving Bank (Kasachstan)

Highlight of the month:

New Investment opportunities in Kazakhstan

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We want to keep you informed about the new developments in Central and Eastern Europe so that you can base your investment decision on an up-to-date, broader and factually sound basis.

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Andreas Männicke studied business administration in Hamburg, graduating with a degree in business administration. After graduating, he was a research assistant at the University of Hamburg (Faculty of Business Administration) for four years. Since 1990 he was in charge of training securities experts and financial analysts in Central and Eastern Europe.